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Welcome to the endless crystal blue waters and scenic wonders of the Ioanian sea region of Greece, as showcased by Olympian Yachting Cruises.

Our company offers tourists and beach lovers an affordable and luxury dream holiday with comfort, safety and style. Our aim as a family run business is to not only provide the best possible experience for our clients, but to also allow for the flexibility and opportunity this Ionian Sea region has on offer.

Private Yacht Hire

Private Yacht Hire

Our yacht and crew has the capacity to manage and customize a sea journey for private individuals or groups, in a manner which enables total satisfaction.

Yacht Accommodation

Yacht Accommodation

Accommodation on our yacht is specifically designed for six sleeping passengers in a very comfortable format with beds and ample space available.

island Yacht Tours

Island Yacht Tours

Our island tours include cruising the wonderful and marque islands of Zakynthos, Lefkada, Kefalonia and Ithaki all being the main islands we travel to, as part of the premium service.

Yacht functions & events

Yacht Functions & Events

Day cruises are available as part of our extensive service which includes a total of 12 passengers plus crew members.


We offer regular trips and cruises to a range of popular islands of the
Ionian Sea coupled with options to travel many more.

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