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Come to mythical Ithaki, spoken of by Homer in his Odyssey as Ithaca, the home of the great warrior Odysseus. This isle is renowned as the home of enduring love and faithfulness due to Penelope’s holding off suitors for 20 years while she waited for her beloved to return. Find your own lasting love on its rich green shores as you wander among architecture that reaches back into history, or swim in the deep blue bays among the beautiful fish of the Mediterranean.

Ithaca’s culture is rich and fascinating, and it has found its way forever into the hearts and minds of those who have spent time on its distant shores.   Every inch of Ithaca is steeped in adventure, with towering mountains casting their shadow over valleys lush and green which harbor small villages and friendly residents. Here upon Ithaca’s shores you’ll find yourself in a true haven of the ages, and every season has its own treasured memories to offer.


Summer is the perfect time to find your way to secluded beaches where you can spend time gazing out across quiet waters in the warmth of the Mediterranean sun. In Kioni, Frikes, and Vathi you can join the rest of the nightlife in dancing away the evening. The small bayside village of Kioni offers a great nightlife and great outdoor café’s where you can enjoy the warm breeze off the bay.

If you’re the adventurous sort, you can scuba dive among the azure blue bays to swim among the plants and animals that call these warm waters their home, or hike among the rich summer foliage into areas once trod by characters out of Greek legend.

Ithaki Chora
Ithaki boats

Fall brings the opportunity to fish for your own fresh Calamari, or tread the mountain paths with a goat herder as he brings his flock to graze. Frikes is a wonderful little fishing village that will give put you in touch with hundreds of years of fishing culture, and present you with cuisine during one of the many feasts they hold here.

Wherever you wind up on Ithaca, seasonal festivals abound, honoring the history of the islands, the culture, and the rich foods that are the pride of Grecian culture. Whether boisterous entertainment and busy bars are your thing, or you seek quiet seaside cafes where you can sit in solitude, even in a crowd, Ithaca has all this and more to offer.

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