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Kefalonia is the shining jewel of the Ionian Islands, and we’d like to welcome you home to Kefalonia. Our island is the largest and most majestic of the islands in the Ionian isles, overlooking the outlet of historic Patraikos Bay and two of its smaller cousins, Zante and Lefkada. With the greatest beaches in the world and a rich diversity of monuments, castles, and monasteries, there’s nowhere else to have a vacation experience like here on Kefalonia. The people here are warm and welcoming, treating every world traveler like a member of their own family, and would love to welcome you to their island home.

For the nature lover, there’s an abundance of biological diversity, and we welcome you to wander among the lavish vegetation that encircles our quiet bays, all in the shadow of the Mountain Aenos standing amidst its national park. Wander among the cathedral like boughs of ancient pine forests that stretch to the upper reaches of Mount Aenos, or dive deep into the bays that surround this island, taking in everything nature has to offer.


Across the island you can find numerous bucolic villages that embody the life and traditions of modern Greece, offering tiny family owned café’s that have carried down recipes and flavors from hundreds of years of culinary tradition.   Enjoy the nightlife with the bayside clubs and bars that will keep the party going long into the dawn, letting you soak in the sparkling stars overhead and the enchanting sea breeze.


If history and culture are what draw you, Kefalonia can offer you more than you dreamed. Argostoli, the capital city of Kefalonia is there to welcome you with its unique architecture done in the neoclassical style. You can stand amongst the giant amphitheater that is the city skyline and gaze our over the Koutavois lagoon, while soaking in the ages touched from your time at the Archaelogical museum.

Kefalonia waits for you in the Ionian isles, with its quiet beaches, majestic mountains, ageless forests, and vibrant nightlife of the city and villages, there’s no better destination in the Mediterranean.

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