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On the isle of Lefkada, we will welcome you as family to your Ionian island get-away. Walk among the lush vegetation of an island steeped in hundreds of years of history and legend. Vibrant blue bays sparkle under the Mediterranean sun while families just like yours stroll along the white sands listening to the call of the gulls. In Lefkada, we offer you a place where time stands still, and you can get away from it all in your little slice of Grecian Paradise.


Here among the soft and temperate climate of the Ionian Isles, you can find love sparking as you wind your way through ancient architecture, and discover why this isle was called the home of Aphrodite. Lovers of all walks of life find their passions here, and the great poet Sappho was said to have visited the isle and loved it deeply.

Lefkada offers great opportunities to everyone who comes to its shores, nature lovers and history fans alike. For those who thrive on the wild untouched face of nature, there are deep blue waters in the bays and thick lush vegetation around them to get lost in. The Ionian isles offer some of the most diverse flora and fauna of the world, and the species here remain almost unchanged from the days they were walked by Greeks of old. If you really want to get away from it all, slip away to the Western side of the island which is nearly uninhabited, and barely touched by tourists and inhabitants alike.


Stroll along the towering cliffs, climb their faces and, for the truly brave, dive into the crystal clear waters deep below.   Scuba divers can find undersea vistas the like of which exist nowhere else on Earth.

For those seeking to immerse themselves in genuine Grecian culture, there are multiple small towns that dot the island and its hidden bays. Each of them brings a twist of its own character, while sharing a diverse cultural background. There are festivals and holidays here that are still being celebrated hundreds of years after the first inhabitants set foot here. Spend your days with them, or visit the Castle of Santa Maura, built hundreds of years ago as the keypoint to the island.

When you’re looking for a Grecian adventure, let Lefkada be your gateway to the mysterious and ancient world of Greece.

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