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Every year thousands of vacationers find their way into the Ionian Isles, and to the beautiful shores of Zakynthos, or Zante as it’s known to the rest of the world. The Venetians so loved this isle they called it the “Fiori di Levante”, the “Flower of the East”, and called it home for 300 years, leaving their taste for elegance and style on the isle in a way not seen anywhere else in the Ionian Isles.

Zante has a ton to offer those who spend time upon its shores. Whether you want to adventure into the lush Grecian wilderness or spend time soaking in the ageless culture of Greece, this island is your destination for an exotic and memorable vacation.


Out among the mountains of this verdant isle you’ll find thousands of species of flowers decorating every inch of the isle, some of them in the most surprising places. Hidden coves are there to be discovered, with long white beaches to bury your sand in and let the worries of the world fade away on the wind.

If you love getting into the waters, you can dive among the waters of the bays, and slip among the flora and fauna of the Mediterranean Sea. For the truly daring, you can slip between the rocks and down into the caves that can be found along the shores deep underwater, viewing secrets not seen by most visitors. Even better you can enjoy the company of the endangered species that call these waters home, both turtle and seal alike.

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Zakynthos yacht excursion

If history is your thing, then you may want to find your way to Solomos square, where an ancient library stands holding over 55,000 volumes of knowledge. From there you can wander your way over to the Museum of Zante, holding treasures from the Post-Byzantine era and wonder at the towering gold-trimmed statues and woodcuts that exemplify the artistry of the era.

Whether you’re seeking the modern luxuries and relaxation of a Mediterranean Paradise, or wanting to walk among history thousands of years old, Zante is going to be the perfect vacation for you.

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